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Reclaimed Timber

Why is this the most Ecologically Friendly Timber in the World?

One hundred and fifty years ago, lumberjacks in North America cut millions of trees across the continent for use in local building and for shipment to Europe. The logs were transported in massive floating rafts across lakes and along rivers with some of the lumber sinking en-route. The cold and oxygen-free waters of the Great Lakes preserved the sunken lumber (some of it up to one thousand years old) until it could be reclaimed with an eco-friendly craft and dried in a high-tech kiln. The result? Premium old-growth timber that is environmentally friendly and unmatched in beauty and character. Products that are available are Engineered Flooring, Solids, and Veneers. In Maple, Birch, Oak, Beech, Pine, Birdseye Maple, and Flame Birch. With similar reclaimed timbers from other parts of the world there are also Exotic species available.

In our view, especially in today's world of rapid climate change, rising CO2 levels, and deforestation, to cut standing forests when there is an abundant supply on the bottom of lakes and rivers waiting to be used is an unnecessary and environmentally damaging thing to do.

We can provide you with wood products that are TRULY environmentally friendly. They are used in architectual installations, fine furniture, flooring, joinery, decking and LEED*-certified building products.

Our supplier is a member of great standing in the Canadian Green Building Council and all products are GreenSpec-certified and eligible for LEED credits. Certificates of authenticity can be provided with every purchase.

On a further note, each individual log can be tracked from beginning to end, which is provided by government permits indicating from which lake or river the lumber was reclaimed.

Examples of the beautiful grains and colours of some of this reclaimed timber can be seen on other pages on this site. See the links at the top left.

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*The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Green Building Rating Systemô See